I Can’t Hear You

I Can’t Hear You

I know that not everyone may relate to this, but I am hoping someone will.

A couple weeks ago, I said, “God, we’re thinking about selling our house, what do you think?”

God answered, “Not right now.”

I responded, “I think I might have understood you to say this isn’t a good time, but I’m not sure that’s the answer you meant to give.”

So, I went to get boxes to start packing up extra stuff around the house. First of all, I couldn’t find U-Haul. When I finally found one, there was a sign on the door that said, “If closed, call this number or that number or walk next door, turn around three times and ring the doorbell twice. You will then be given a secret code and a riddle – if you can answer the riddle and remember the code you will be delivered a package at midnight with the address of where to meet.” I had no patience for that, so Chris called the U-Haul number and found out they were in the old WalMart.  I went to get boxes after Micah’s play date and they were closed.

Persistent as I am, later that night, I decided to go to Lowe’s to purchase boxes.  I walked to the appropriate aisle and this is what I found:

Lowes Boxes

You will notice, there is a random cart sitting right in front of ALL the moving boxes.  At this point, I mentioned to Chris, jokingly of course, “Maybe we aren’t supposed to be doing this.”  But, I didn’t stop.

The next night, I began to get sick.  Fever, sore throat, exhaustion – but we had someone who possibly might have been interested in the house even though it wasn’t on the market yet and we wanted to get it ready for Monday at 4:30.  We pushed through.  I went to Urgent Care Sunday morning and got a prescription for Tamiflu.  Our family joined together to help us meet our goal.  My mom helped watch the kids, Chris’ dad washed windows, walls and appliances.  Our friend Joe swept away cobwebs and entertained the children with his ramblings.

Then, my mom sent me this:


Yeah.  Right in front of our house.  But, we kept moving forward.  I just knew God would want me to take the next indicated step.   It was my hope that Monday the city would still be preparing the road for asphalt and might not be such a disruption.  Monday, we arranged for Chris’ dad to take the dogs, they moved the kennel out of the house and Grace (who had begun feeling sick herself) and I went to my mom’s house.  I could NOT WAIT for 4:30 to be over!

And then, 5:00 came around and we received the call that the people had to cancel because they weren’t feeling well.  They rescheduled for the next day at noon.

Grace was sick and had to stay home from school.  The city was getting closer and closer to our house with their tearing up of the road and at 11:00, they began tearing up the chunk of road directly in front of our house.

Grace and I gathered the dogs and walked to my mom’s house because we couldn’t get out of the driveway.  The wind was bone chilling and we were both sickly.

The buyers arrived, looked through the house real quick and decided it was not for them.

My mom drove Grace, the dogs and I to the corner and we walked back into the house.

Later that night, I said to God, “I guess I should stop pretending like I can’t hear you or can’t understand what you’re saying.”

I can picture God looking at me sometimes, shaking His head and loving me anyway.