The Firefighters

The Firefighters

I went onto a website the other night and they had an announcement stating they were not going to allow any talk of self-harm or self-injury on their website. The only way they would allow it is if the person writing about it also included a link to a site where a person could go to get help or more information. I certainly see their point, but I couldn’t help taking offense. I am not saying I condone self-injury or self-harm in any way, but I also think I understand it. I’ve been through it. It’s hard not to take comments about it personally.

If you would for a moment, think of a house on fire. There is someone in the house and they are in danger of perishing unless the fire is extinguished. You are on the scene, however, you have no training in fighting fires; but you do have a cell phone. So, logically, you call 911 and the fire department arrives. The firemen want to save the person in the house and they want to put the fire out. At this point, the damage to the house is of no consequence; this is a matter of life and death. The firefighters put out the fire and save the person trapped inside the building. The house is ruined. There is water damage, smoke damage, not to mention the damage from the flames themselves. But the person trapped inside is ALIVE!

How do you think that person feels about the firemen? Do you think they’re angry they have been rescued? Or do you think they’re thankful to live another day due to the bravery of a band of firefighters?

Once again, I am not saying self-harm or self-injury is okay (although there was a point in time when I tried to convince my doctor of that fact.) I am simply saying, sometimes in life, my body has been a burning building, in which I am trapped inside. My mind has summoned forth firefighters to wage the battle and in the end, though my building was a little worse for wear, I was ALIVE.

Until I am able to come to terms with the fact that I have parts of me that want to save me from harm, I will always be at war in my own mind. However, if I can embrace those parts, send them love, let them know they are respected, yet, not needed, there will be peace.

If you are suffering from feelings of self-injury or self-harm, or if you are currently involved in these acts, please, seek help. I’ve been there, I know help is the last thing a person in the throes of an addiction wants. It can become a vicious cycle, though. Until you, your Self are able to make peace with the parts in you that are screaming for attention, your building will continue to burn . . .

. . . and the firefighters, will continue to fight.


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  1. April,
    I still believe God is using and will continue to use your insight in special ways–not sure how that will happen, could be one on one, through your doctor to be a voice that others can hear, or maybe there will be additional training that will give your writing voice the credibility to reach many, many more. I don’t believe God wastes any of our life’s experiences. Praying for your continued wisdom and direction and trust in the Lord.
    Hugs, Judy Mom

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